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  • Image of Magna Charge SWAP Force Hero
  • Image of Legendary Figure Pack II
  • Image of Wash Buckler SWAP Force Hero
  • Image of Champion Figure Pack
  • Image of Silver Eruptor Hero Pack
  • Image of Chop Chop Hero Pack
  • Image of Evil Airship
  • Image of Collector's Edition Pack
  • Image of Outlands Kaotic Castle
  • Image of Fire Viper Attack
  • Image of Arkeyan Robot King
  • Image of Sharpfin's Jet Boat
  • Image of Flynn's Rescue Ship
  • Image of Sprocket's Heroic Turret
  • Image of Chompy Bot Attack
  • Image of Boss Tank Showdown
  • Image of Glow-in-the-dark Biclops Enemy Pack
  • Image of Kaos Enemy Pack
  • Image of Cynder Hero Pack
  • Image of Terrafin Hero Pack
  • Image of Troll Tank Gun Down
  • Image of Translucent Bash Hero Pack
  • Image of Trigger Happy Hero Pack
  • Image of Silver Metallic Spyro Hero Pack
  • Image of Jet-Vac with Cowboy Hat Hero Pack
  • Image of Zeppelin Air Ship Assault
  • Image of Crusher's Pirate Quest
  • Image of Swarm Mech Invasion
  • Image of Arkeyan Copter Attack
  • Image of Sky Turret Defense
  • Image of Troll Mech Ambush
  • Image of Turret Air Raid
  • Image of Dark Castle Conquest

Build the adventure with construction playsets featuring fully articulated figures, buildable vehicles, working launchers and collectible sheep and Chompies!


Put together awesome pictures of all your favorite Skylanders Giants™ characters, both good and evil, with Mega Puzzles!

Battle play

  • Image of Blast Zone Skylands Spinner
  • Image of Rattle Shake Skylands Spinner
  • Image of Wash Buckler Skylands Spinner
  • Image of Freeze Blade Skylands Spinner
  • Image of Magic Spyro Battle Portal
  • Image of Prism Break Battle Portal
  • Image of Hot Dog's Battle Portal
  • Image of Stump Smash’s Battle Portal
  • Image of Frost Guard Battle Arcade
  • Image of Stealth Elf's Battle Portal
  • Image of Eruptor's Battle Portal
  • Image of Drobot's Battle Portal
  • Image of Molton Hot Dog's Battle Portal
  • Image of Ultimate Battle Arcade
  • Image of Ignitor's Battle Portal
  • Image of Trigger Happy's Battle Portal
  • Image of Terrafin's Battle Portal
  • Image of Chop Chop's Battle Portal
  • Image of Gill Grunt's Battle Portal
  • Image of Dark Spyro's Battle Portal
  • Image of Legendary Trigger Happy Battle Portal

Build, slide and smash as you compete against your friends for the title of Battle Play champion with these battle portals and the Ultimate Battle Arcade!

Role play

  • Image of Tree Rex's Smash Hands
  • Image of Trigger Happy's Dart Blaster
  • Image of Ignitor's Flame Sword

Become your favorite Skylanders Giants™ hero and save the world from Kaos by wielding iconic weapons like Ignitor’s Flame Sword and Trigger Happy’s Dart Blaster!